The thing is when people are cut out of our lives, there are still pieces of them that remain.

Old photographs you try to hide, somehow ending up on your nightstand. Or clothes you find in the corner of your room that you wore at a specific moment in time with them.

Whenever I drive past a place where a memory was made, it’s like I am instantly brought back to that moment when I was with that person.

I can see my old self with them, just living a normal life.

I look back on those moments and wish that I could have told myself what I know now.

But that’s not how life works.

You are meant to go through situations in order to learn from them, as painful as they may be.

What you overcome is what helps you grow.

Grow as an individual, grow in experience, grow in love.

There will always be pieces of that person lingering within your life because they were once a major part of it.

Once you accept that and not let it weigh you down in your new life, that’s when you can truly move on.

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I Gave My Heart Away Too Much

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been very sensitive.

You looked at me the wrong way or said something just because you were irritated or annoyed, chances were I took it to heart.

I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, after realizing that everyone has something going on in their lives and sometimes their frustration is let out on you.

I’ve just always felt so deeply.

I love deeply.

I care deeply.

Every person in my life, I love with every fiber of my being. I will literally do anything for the people I love.

When I meet people, I come off as happy and genuine, which I am, but I am also apprehensive to the those I let in my life. So just know if you are a part of my life right now, that you were carefully chosen.

It’s because I feel with everything in me, I tend to give too much of myself to others.

I have done this on multiple occasions from recognizing friendships that were purely for the other’s benefit or people who didn’t really care about me.

It’s from these situations that I have learned, I have to be more cautious to the people I give my heart to.

Yes, I can be a kind individual who helps someone if they need it but if there is no reciprocation or appreciation shown, it’s not worth it.

I always go above and beyond to make the people in my life know they are loved.

I show that love by being there for them and doing anything I can for them.

And I expect that somewhat in return. That’s what friends and family are supposed to do.

Another reason why I’ve been more careful about those in my life is that I have been through a lot of shit.

In those shitty times, you see who is truly there for you.

Those are the people you should give your heart to.

Now everyone isn’t perfect and they are going to let you down at some point.

That’s just human nature.

I’ve accepted that and in turn, I am slowly recognizing when it comes too far.

There’s nothing bad about giving pieces of your heart to the people you love most in this world; it’s just making sure they are the right people.

The people who love you as much as you do them, maybe even more.

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