All about me

Who am I?

Caity, who is twenty and thriving (or at least trying to). I have Cystic Fibrosis and I am a college student.

Follow me through my life fighting cystic fibrosis, my twenties, traveling, finding myself, love, hardships, and all of my exciting journeys that have yet to come.

What made you choose the name ‘Breathing with Caity’?

Well, I thought it was fitting since I have a life-threatening lung disease and I struggle to breathe on a daily basis. I kind of think of it as you guys breathing with me, through my life, the triumphs, and the failures. Whatever I may share with you or what you may share with me, we are going through it together. We are breathing together.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I want this to be a place where you feel comfortable.

In a world where it’s so easy to feel that you have no one else, I want you to know that you have me.

You have your friends. Your family. Your teachers. Your co-workers. You have people who love you. You are never alone.

I hope that my writing relates to you in some way whether it changes your perspective or knowledge, even in the slightest.

From everything that we read on here, what do you want us to take away from it?

These three things:

You are beautiful.

You are amazing.

You deserve everything you want in this world.

These are all true statements that you should always tell yourself. Please always build yourself up, never down.

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