I have tried multiple times to make a blog post. My blog would no longer allow me to due to technical difficulties. I should have figured out how to fix it instead of waiting a year to try and do something about it. But time after time, I would come to my page ready to post a blog post, I typed out my introduction and have it almost finished, and be met with the an “error” pop-up. I would get frustrated and close my laptop. I have over 30 drafts, all started yet never finished. I had continued life complications and was simply trying to enjoy the amazing moments I had, as much as possible. Posting was no longer a priority.

I got engaged on October of 2019 and I am extremely happy with the love of my life. We have the wedding set for next year. I am counting down the days. Wedding planning has been an amazing distraction from the ever-flowing recent health problems I have had over this past year.

I am on the MAC treatment I had talked about on previous blog posts (I have been on it for over a year now). Yes, it is aggressive. Yes, it has led to a multitude of issues. But I have managed and continued to persevere.

In October, I was hospitalized for a yeast blood infection. A blood infection that could have easily made me septic if we didn’t see it and treat it in time. I spent almost a week in the hospital, it was awful. COVID is prevalent and cases are rising again, which means there is only 1 visitor a day. Nothing compared to having no visitors. But it did make my stay less enjoyable and feel 10x longer. I had prolonged treatment after my hospitalization to ensure that the blood infection would not come back with a vengeance since it is seen with the particular yeast I had growing in my blood. We found the source of my blood infection to be my PICC line. I have had a PICC line for over a year, had it exchanged a month before I got my blood infection. Once I got the blood infection, I had to have it taken out and I had to have a negative blood culture for over 5 days, until then was I able to get another PICC line placed.

I have had the PICC line for so long due to my MAC therapy. It has set off a plethora of issues in my body. Including the control of my POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), I know it’s a handful to say. I was diagnosed when I was 15/16 years old, had dealt with symptoms up to two years before I was diagnosed. Some of the symptoms consisted of fainting all the time, tachycardia, extreme fatigue, swelling of my extremities, and overall not feeling like a normal human being. Around 18, I was able to find a happy medium. I was put on a kidney medicine to help with holding onto salt more efficiently. Salt is crucial in helping your body circulate blood properly. Along with taking salt tablets to also help with blood flow.

Well, as soon as I started my MAC therapy, I was back to square 1. The only thing that could help me get through days half-way normal was IV fluids. So I have been remaining on a steady regimen of IV fluids multiple times a week while on my MAC therapy. Without it, I would be a fainting and unable to function person.

As of last week, I found out I had DVT in my arm, my PICC line arm. A blood clot had formed around my PICC line in the subclavian artery. The pain was excruciating but thankfully, with the help of Lovenox injections over the past 4 days, the pain is currently manageable. I now have to add a blood thinner to my regimen for the next 3 months and possibly more. We also found out I cultured for a new bacteria in my lungs that we have to treat immediately to avoid colonization in my airways. I am now on new antibiotics to treat that.

I have had a lot of the “one thing after the other” in 2020 when it comes to health complications. 2020 was a crazy year for everyone to say the least. We have been facing a global pandemic for almost a year, there has been never ending chaos and significant changes in everyones lives.

If there is one piece I can take from everything I have been through these months, is how grateful I am to be alive. As mentioned above, I’ve had a lot of situations that could have ended very badly. Nevertheless, I was able to get treated in time before it progressed to that extreme. If there is something to be grateful for in all of this insanity, it’s your health.

And your loved ones. The time COVID has taken away from normalcy in life has also given me moments with my loved ones that I may not have had if there wasn’t quarantining or the restrictions of less going out. I have had more family time and treasured time with my loved ones.

I know the world may seem rough right now given the political climate, pandemic status and overall massive changes in life but remember the things that make you happy. Remember the people, places, and memories that you are grateful for. If your life was taken away from you right now, what would you appreciate? What would you miss? Who would you wish you could talk to?

Keep yourself grounded through hard times by reminding yourself about what you are most grateful for in life.

Love always,

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